Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Elephant Hill + Shida Night Market Dinner with Friends

After a week of rain and a typhoon it cleared up on Saturday, so we decided to go for a bike ride.  We rode through the city to get to Elephant Mountain one of the 4 Beast Mountains. (the others are Lion, Tiger and Leopard)

The city biking was fine but throw the mountain road at me.... I almost DIED.   It's not a steep incline but it's a steady one all the way up.  Not only that,  it was the middle of the afternoon & it was probably 30+ degrees!

We thought this was a wasp nest or maybe some kind of tree growth.  Who knows?

I think I'm having a heat stroke.  Beautiful view though.

I swear Justin has super vision.  This Praying Mantis was in a tree probably 6 feet away on the side of the road. It still took me a minute to find it with Justin pointing it out to me.

As painful as it was, the view was worth it.

Didn't quite make it to the top.  1 km away  :(  Next time we're taking a scooter.


The road we took up  was through the mountain tombs. Very peaceful. 

Much happier, on our way down.  

  Lunch time at the Potato Guru


Mexican Burger (had jalapenos and peanut butter)  & Chili Fries 

That night we went out with a few friends & had burgers again.  This one was an  Avocado & Tzatziki burger with cheese fries

This was the gourmet burger restaurant KGB ( Kiwi Gourmet Burger)  

After dinner we went to this little cafe/pub.  Here's my Cafe Mocha & Brownie.  So good.

Here we are...Me, COURTNEY (arrived a week ago from Montana.  She's one of the new teachers at the school Leia & Damien taught at)  DAN, SHANA, Matt and Justin.

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